Friday, December 05, 2008


A while back, one of my friends returned to the work force after having a baby. Shortly before her start date, she began the GIT program - Get It Together. I really liked this idea, and I'm currently working on my own GIT program to prepare to return to the office.

So far:
Made daycare arrangements (We lucked out on this one.)
Had professional wardrobe cleaned
Bumped maids back up to weekly service (Hallelujah!)
Completed all job-related paperwork and submitted it
Scheduled salon appointment (Me and my poor hair. We have been limping along, we two.)

Still to do:
Arrange for parking (Parking downtown can be a hassle. Wish me luck.)
Stock freezer (Super Suppers, anyone?)
Shine shoes (I love me some shiny shoes.)
Order new business calendar/planner pages
Have car serviced and washed

What else should I be doing? I've done a pretty decent job of keeping up with industry news while I've been away, though I have been woefully derelict in attending my professional association meetings. (Hopefully, I will get back into circulation some in December. We shall see . . . )


Kayra said...

Where will your office be? I parked in the corner of Amite and President (across from the old MCI building). Most days, there is plenty of room in that garage

Nicole Bradshaw said...

That's a hoof for me. My office will be on Pearl St. I'm hoping to find a space in the Capital Towers garage.