Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa who?

Well, little sis got bumped from her flight today, meaning that we had a free evening. (YAY! Well, not yay that it will be another day before I see little sis, but yay that we had a moment to breathe before Christmas came.)

Our little family went out to dinner tonight (hubs' choice - Mexican) and then headed over to Winner's Circle Park for their Christmas celebration. The whole place is lit up beautifully, and you can ride on a "train" around the park paths to see all the lights. The kids can also sit on Santa's knee and tell him what they want for Christmas.

Of course, booger spent most of his time running around like crazy, looking at all the other kids, pointing out every light on every tree, and getting all his ya-yas out in general. (Because the weather was so mild today, we spent oodles of time outside. He was loving it, especially after being cooped up so much in recent weeks.)

We tried our best to get him to show an interest in sitting with Santa to be photographed, but he was having none of it. Not because he was scared of Santa, though; he was just more interested in checking out the park and all the other kids. I guess he did a quick pro and con and decided that hanging out, immobile, for a bit with an old man instead of roaming free in the night air was a no-go. I couldn't even get him to stand still long enough to get any decent pics of his holiday light jubilation. He was just a blur.

Brian and I had the best time walking behind him. We just let him lead the way and tried to keep him out of any muddy places. Aside from that, it was all enjoying each other's company and admiring the great lights. After that, we even drove through a few neighborhoods to look at their displays. (I happened to have one of my Christmas CDs in the car; it was very festive!)

I guess we like looking at lights so much because we never put any lights up on our house. Nev. Er. I've bought them before, and they just sit in the utility room or the attic, gathering dust. I decorate the inside of the house to the hilt, but as for the outside, I slap a wreath on the door and call it done.

And the really sad part is, our other neighbors put us to SHAME. They have tons of lights, outdoor decor, etc. As I mentioned in an earlier post, our next door neighbors put their lights up on Thanksgiving weekend. So we have a good six weeks or so of holiday slacker-ness before everyone's lights come down, and we can hold our heads up again.

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A. Boyd C. said...

Everyone wants their kids' picture taken with Santa, but the kids often seem to have other ideas on the subject.

At first I don't know that they connect the concept of Santa with the guy sitting there as the same thing.

Once they do make the connection, it can be pretty darn scary. I guess if somebody told me I'd have to stand in line to meet Jesus at a mall, I'd be pretty intimidated too.

To make matters worse, parents usually want to step away from santa themselves so they can take the picture or won't be in the frame if someone else takes it.

To the kid that seems like: "holy CRAP! Don't LEAVE ME with this guy!" and the bawling begins in earnest.