Sunday, June 29, 2008

Local and far away

I read two books recently that I thought worth passing the word along about. Though he's a Mississippi author (and someone I've had numerous occasions to see in person), I've never read much of Greg Iles' work. However, a friend recently persuaded me to give him another try.

I picked up 24 hours last week when my husband was out of town on business. Turns out it's about a group of three criminals who kidnap a woman's young child and terrorize her while her husband's out of town on business. (!) Against my better judgement (I have horrible nightmares.), I continued, and I'm glad I did. It's an entertaining, easy-to-read novel. I may check out more of Iles' work in the months to come.

I also finally got around to reading Kabul Beauty School, an amazing memoir about a divorced American hairdresser who travels to Afghanistan and opens a cosmetology school so that women there can learn a marketable skill and make some money of their own. She then alternates her time between Afghanistan and her home back in the United States (though one does wonder about the fate of her two children in the middle of all this), eventually marrying an Afghan man. Written by Deborah Rodriguez, this book provides a riveting look at the lives of women in modern-day Afghanistan. To boot, Rodriguez has an irreverent personality and a wicked sense of humor. The novel moves along very quickly, and I so enjoyed reading it. You can learn all about the current state of the Kabul Beauty School by visiting this web site.

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