Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Riches! Riches!

I took booger to the Farmer's Market again today. We try to swing by there at least once a week, before we hit the grocery store. It is GORGEOUS.

Allow me to elaborate - tons and tons of fragrant Alabama peaches, piled into little slatted baskets. Big, red baskets full of bright green snap beans; those tiny, creamy new potatoes; purple onions; shiny zuchinni and yellow squash; and beautiful neon purple baby eggplant. Delicate little fresh peas and butter beans, huge vats of deep red tomatoes, and colorful piles of bell peppers. Dark purple plums. I swear, all you have to do is chop stuff, add a little olive oil and salt/pepper, and roast it in the oven. Or saute it quickly in some butter. Or throw it into a lively soup. Or toss it with hot pasta noodles and fresh herbs. Or braise it in a bit of apple cider to serve over ice cream. Or eat it raw, for God's sake!!!

They have crazy-fresh corn. Shuck it, cut it off the cob, then warm it in a skillet with some butter and salt/pepper. You will not believe you are just eating plain old corn! Freaking. Amazing.

Mississippi blueberries are popping up everywhere now. If you check in the Classifieds, you can even find farms where they let you pick it yourself. (That would be a fun activity with some older kids. When we were little, we LOVED picking blackberries at my grandparents' farm, and those bushes had THORNS. Blueberry bushes are beautifully thorn-free!) Booger loves blueberries in the mornings, and I heap them in my cereal, on top of frozen toaster waffles with a bit of vanilla yogurt, or on pieces of angel food cake with a dab of whipped cream.

So get out there and START EATING!! It's almost shameful how much great, cheap food is available right now.


Susan said...

I was just talking to my hubby about the Farmer's Market when we drove past heading to church on Sunday. I was wondering how late they stayed opened, i.e. if I had time to swing by after work one day! I'm a sucker for a Market. One day I'll have time to not only shop there, but actually cook the stuff I buy. Crazy talk.

Nicole Bradshaw said...


Have you ever taken a look at The Art of Simple Food, by Alice Waters? It is a positively inspirational tome about cooking from fresh, seasonal produce. If you need any motivation, that's the place to look! The woman is amazing.

Stacey said...

My favorite summer recipe:

Saute shrimp in olive oil, garlic, onions, salt, and pepper. Throw in fresh summer corn and tomatoes right as the shrimp are finishing, and serve the whole thing over some rice. Or toast. Whatever.

Susan said...

I haven't heard of The Art of Simple Food but will have to check it out. I really need time more than inspiration, I have a shelf full of cookbooks and magazines with ideas marked that just never seem to make it to the table!

Stacey- yum. But I usually throw all of that on the grill. Then again, this time of year, I'll throw just about anything on the grill!

Deanna said...

I love how beautiful the market is to the eyes and to the budget. Summer is a GREAT time of year. It just flies by too quick!!

Nicole Bradshaw said...


Had to let you know that I tried your suggestion! YUM!