Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy as a bee

I have been running non-stop lately!

First of all, I've been doing a good bit of freelance work, which I'm trying to squeeze in while the baby is at Mother's Morning Out or when he's napping. The only problems with this are that a.) The main project I'm working on is HUGE. Thank GOD it's almost complete. I only have a few more deliverables on it. and b.) Clay has decided that he doesn't need to nap lately. Sheesh.

At any rate, it's been very nice to keep that part of my brain working. And the extra money never hurts, you know?

Secondly, my social calendar has been filling up a bit. I've had the usual brunches here and there, but my parents have also been treating us to dinner, plus I've had some evening events. (I've got two of those scheduled for this week.) So that is keeping me hopping.

Lastly, fall is a time of year when I love to do certain things. I make certain recipes. I decorate like crazy. I put the garden to bed for the winter. I obssess over Halloween costumes. In general, I enjoy the busyness of fall traditions. So there's that to do as well. (Today, I got the most gorgeous pumpkins for my front porch. The Farmer's Market near my house has a nice selection of different varieties, and they are well-priced. Yay, fall!)

So anyway, I apologize that my posts haven't been very . . . well . . . good lately. Next week, thankfully, should slow down a bit. By then, I'll have finished the meat of one of my freelance projects and will be able to take a breath.

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