Saturday, September 27, 2008

Out and about

What have you been doing lately, Nicole? Why, I'm so glad you asked. Let me tell you.

Last Wednesday, I went to the home of a friend for an Arbonne party. Now, usually when I am invited to sales parties, I blow them off. But I hadn't seen this friend in a while, and she's pregnant, and I wanted to just see her again and wish her well with the pregnancy. Plus, she's moved into a new house, and I always love to see people's houses. (Her husband served as general contractor on hers, and it's a beauty. Too bad her new little bundle is going to be destroying it in a little over a year.)

The party ended up being nice. The products were really fun, and I enjoyed trying them out. And, of course, I ended up spending some money on stuff I didn't actually need, but that's kinda the point of these parties, isn't it? (Which is probably why I don't usually go to them.) BUT, I enjoyed myself, plus I got to see my friend and her house, which was the point in going, in the first place. That and inhaling the spread from Newk's that she had laid out. Chicken salad, brownies, no wonder I started buying spa products! I was on a calorie high!

On Thursday, I went a wonderful fondue party with a group of friends from my professional PR days. OMG. Have I mentioned how I love fondue? She had cheese fondue, and chocolate fondue, and this great tomato/black olive/herb stuff that tasted divine smeared over a piece of bread. I ate a metric ton, caught up with the gals, and just had a great time. I love getting together with this group, and I haven't done it enough since leaving the office to take care of booger. I will try to rectify that in the future.

And the today, booger, hubs, and I all went to WellsFest! What fun!

WellsFest is a free family festival produced each year by the folks at Wells United Methodist Church. I first learned about WellsFest years ago, when I was working for Millsaps College. I was writing a story about Keith Tonkel, a Millsaps grad, who also happens to be the minister at Wells UMC, and he told me all about it. I've been several times in the years since.

Basically, it's an alcohol-free music/games/crafts/etc. event that benefits a different charity each year. (This year, it benefitted New Life for Women, a non-profit that attempts to rehabilitate chemically-dependent homeless women.) They hold the event at Jamie Fowler Boyll Park off Lakeland Drive, which is a GREAT venue, because the park is big, fairly level, and shaded by mature trees. (It didn't hurt that today's weather was awesome.)

They have a stage where bands are always playing, a few food tents, a really fun children's area (You buy 25-cent tickets to play fun little games, have your face painted, ride ponies, etc.), and a stretch of craft booths selling various things (jewelry, handmade wooden toys, home decor, etc.).

A note - Every year, there is a heinous line at the food booth, where they serve hot dogs, hamburgers, and the like. However, there is also a vegan/vegetarian food booth. And there is hardly ever anyone waiting in line there. I think people avoid the vegan booth because they are afraid to try new things, but I ALWAYS eat there. (Mainly because I hate standing in line, but also because I'm usually pleasantly surprised by how good the food is.) One year, they had FABULOUS red beans and rice. This year, I took a chance on a "tofu pup," which is the vegan equivalent of a hot dog. You could smother your dog in bean chili (which was very well-seasoned) and mock cheese (which was actually a yummy blend of roasted red bell peppers and ground-up cashews; I know it sounds weird, but it was really tasty). Again, I was super-pleased with the meal, and we didn't have to wait in line AT ALL. YAY!

Clay didn't know quite what to make of all the children's games. I thought for sure that he'd climb into the "Lucky Ducky" baby pool, but he was content to watch all the other kids fishing around for things. He played a bit in the free sand pit and ran around a ton, looking at other babies and children. As his nap time neared, hubs and I packed him up and headed for home, where the ENTIRE Bradshaw family took an afternoon nap.

~Sigh.~ Life is good.

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Seriously. Look at some of this yummy food.