Monday, September 15, 2008

More movies

I saw two movies this week that I really enjoyed.

This first one was Waitress, starring Keri Russell. I loved this movie. I really loved this movie. Russell plays Jenna, a small-town Southern woman stuck in a loveless marriage. Her control-freak husband won't buy her a car (he doesn't want her to go anywhere), and he systematically collects her paycheck and tips each week so she won't have enough money to leave him.

In addition to waiting tables at Joe's Pie Shop, Jenna creates a daily special pie. All of her pies are delicious (her co-workers call her a "pie genius"), and they all have quirky names like "Spanish Dancer Pie," "Bad Baby Pie," and "Kick in the Pants Pie." Jenna loves making pies, and it's her dream to attend a pie cook-off and take first prize.

At the beginning of the movie, Jenna learns that she's pregnant. And though she's keeping the baby, she's pretty miserable about it. When she goes in to her obgyn to confirm the news, she discovers that her staid old doctor has been replaced. Her new doctor is young, hot, and male. Dr. Pomatter (played adorably by Nathan Fillion) is immediately attracted to Jenna, and before long, the two are enjoying a torrid affair.

As her relationship with Dr. Pomatter develops, Jenna begins to understand some things about herself and her life. She realizes that maybe she doesn't have to be stuck with her abusive husband. And that maybe her pie-making isn't just playing, but her own unique form of artistry.

This is a wonderful film. Great performances throughout. And though the plot is not an original one, the treatment of it is beautiful. The ending is satisfying, and nearly all the characters are rounded, likable, relatable people. I loved it. Did I mention I loved it?

I also finally saw The Bourne Ultimatum. Hubs loves all the Bourne movies, and I like them, too. It's weird how Matt Damon can look like an innocent little kid in some movies, and then in these, he's this killing machine. Anyhoo, this movie picks up after Bourne's love interest was killed in the last film (The Bourne Supremacy). Jason Bourne is trying to find out who was behind the murder, who is still after him, and (of course) all the secrets of his past.

There's a ton of very impressive action in this film - car chases, hand-to-hand combat, some pretty crazy feats of physical prowess, etc. - and it looks like Matt Damon did most of his stunts. (In alot of the shots, you can tell it's him, not a double or a stunt man.) Plus, in this movie, Jason Bourne finally discovers his true identity and ~appears~ to get his memory back. (If they decide to make more of these movies - who knows?)

If you like action flicks, you'll like this movie.


HEATHER said...

Waitress is a fantastic movie!
Such a shame about Adrianne Shelley being murdered before the release.

Sara said...

Glad I found your blog off the Leach family page. Good to keep up with other family members!

Colin Leach said...

Sara showed me your blog. I see you like movies. I love movies as well. With two small kids I don't make it to the theater to watch movies so I watch a lot of them on DVD. With that, I watched Ultimatium. It jumped around too much for me. I know some will say that's "artistic", but I don't like feeling like I need to throw up after watching a movie.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Colin - I admit it. We TiVoed this one, and I fast-forwarded through some of the longer action sequences. That kind of stuff is hubs' cup of tea, but I can live without the 20-minute car chases and such.

Heather - It was sad that Shelley didn't get to stick around long enough to get credit for making such a great movie. I haven't been able to stop singing that little song that Jenna sings to her daughter in the movie. I loved, loved, loved it.