Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wonderful things Clay's doing now

Another baby post, I know, but GEEZ, stuff is happening so fast!

He is saying "cat" now. (Or, rather, he is saying "tat," but he MEANS cat. He points at the cat as he's saying it, and he's consistently saying it every time he sees the cat.) So far, our words (or some approximation thereof) are "dada," "cookie," "hey," and "cat." He's saying "mama," but I don't think he knows it means me.

He is starting to point at pictures in the books when I say the corresponding words. Like, when I say "sun," he points to the sun in the picture. Now, this could just be a parlor trick. For months now, I've been pointing at the sun when I say "sun." But even though he is probably just copying me, it's still a step in the right direction, right?

No surprise here, but when I tell him to go get his shoes so we can go outside, he does it. He'll also go find a pair of shorts, because he knows I won't let him outside in just a T-shirt or a onesie.

He's bringing me tons of books to read to him now, often the SAME ONES over and over. I'm hiding some here and there and putting others in rotation so I don't lose my mind. And when he brings me a book, I'll take it and pat the space on the floor in front of me, telling him to sit down with me so we can read together. And he sits right where I pat the floor.

He is also deftly climbing up on most of the furniture now, and he can dismount from nearly all sides of it. Even (gasp) over the arms, which gives me a bit of a heart attack. Plus, since he can get up on the furniture now, I'm in as much trouble as the kitties! I'm never safe! He likes to claw his way up onto the love seat, where he'll straddle my stomach and demand that I sing "Trot Little Pony." Ooof.

He is HILARIOUSLY "talking" into his fake phones now. He wags them around, held up to his ear, jabbering away. Then, he'll bring the phone to me or Brian, and we'll pretend to talk to all sorts of people while he watches us. It is a hoot. He'll also grab just about any electronic device - the baby monitor, my old curling iron, etc., and put it up to his ear as if he's "talking" on it.

He's been stacking blocks for a while now. He can stack one block on top of another reliably, though when he goes for a third block, it doesn't always balance on top successfully. But if it does, he claps happily for himself. (He'll even clap for YOU, when you stack the blocks. It's pretty dang adorable.)

Oh, and he is really enjoying Mother's Morning Out! The first two weeks, he fussed when I left him AND when I picked him up. By week three, though, the fussing stopped. Now, he runs in there to play with the toys and the other kids, and he even IGNORES me sometimes when I come to pick him up! I'll be at the door, saying, "Clay! Mama's here! I've come to pick you up! Let's go!" The kid will be playing with a toy, and I swear that he will not even turn to look at me. I love you, too, son. Seriously, though, I'm soooo glad that he's adapted to being there. It's good for him, and it's good for me.

It all happens so fast! I think back to when he was born, and I see how far he has come. It's absolutely mind-blowing.

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A. Boyd C. said...

There's a lot of theories about this business of kids wanting the same book or the same movie or the same song over and over and over and over.

There's two that make sense to me.

One is that learning causes the brains to release endorphins. So learning something, aside from the work it takes, is fun! and going over the same material again and again and again stimulates that reaction.

The other is that the familiarity of the work makes the child feel comfortable and safe. "I know this, I recognize this, so I must be in a safe place."

All of the theories say it may be annoying for you but it's good for the child: so, buck up soldier! there's more where that came from.