Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Greatest Show on Earth

Hubs and I joined my sister, her son, and her husband for a trip to the circus last night! We showed up at 6 p.m. for an hour of "meet and greet" with the performers up close. Clay started out pretty well-behaved for this part of the evening, but by about 6:45 p.m., he was fussing ALOT and throwing absolute FITS when I wouldn't let him run wild all over the Coliseum. (Well, shoot. There were tons of other parents and kids all over the place, plus areas where patrons were not allowed. It was easier to hang onto him rather than put him down and have to keep telling him "no" or "be careful.")

Due to his foul mood, I was seriously thinking that we might miss the actual circus altogether. Luckily, though, once the show actually started, he was completely mesmerized by the acts. He sat happily in my lap and watched the tightrope walkers, the clowns, the rope tricks, the elephants, and more. We took the opportunity of intermission at 8 p.m. to slip out. (We'd been there 2 hours by then, and I was all circused out. Plus, we needed to get booger in bed at a fairly decent hour.)

But, hey, we did it, right? We took a 1-year-old to the circus. Do I get a patch?


Sandi said...

But did you get him any cotton candy?


Kristen said...

You get a patch for that, plus a margarita.

I thought taking a 10 month old would not be good, so we did not go. She would have been shouting the entire time at whatever/whomever. Does clay also do that? Everywhere?


Nicole Bradshaw said...

Heck, no, we did not get that kid any cotton candy! But I DID pack him a few Nilla wafers (which he LOVES), and he got to munch on them once the show started.

Kristen - count me in for that margarita (or two or four or eleven). As far as the shouting, we've luckily grown out of that phase. (Praise God.) Now, he just runs around like a maniac while I try vainly to keep up. Not sure which is worse . . . ?