Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As you may know, I missed the Sex and the City movie when it came out in theatres. I had arranged to go with a group of girlfriends, but I got confused. I thought we were meeting for dinner and THEN going to the movie. Turns out, we were meeting at the movie theatre, THEN going out for dinner. Sheesh. How many brain cells have I lost since giving birth? The world may never know.

Anyhoo, Stace bought the DVD, now that it's out, and came over Monday morning for breakfast, mocktails, and some girl power. The doughnuts were delish (and don't judge. I made her some healthy stuff, too.), the mocktails were refreshing, and the company was pretty awesome!

Here's my take on the movie:
1.) As usual, Charlotte was the best-dressed. She is the only one of all four women who I ever even remotely dress like.
2.) I expected a few crazy things from Carrie (What the heck was that blue, feathered thing on her head? And wasn't she wearing SOCKS and high heels in one scene? Eh?!), and she didn't disappoint. (Oooh, but that blue dress she wore for the party at her new apartment? Divine. I even loved all the jewelry.)
3.) Miranda/Cynthia Nixon has to be one BRAVE woman to let them shoot her naked in that sex scene at the end. Talk about comfortable in your own skin.
4.) Samantha had some pretty crazy junk going on, too, like that HUGE hat she wore on the balcony while she ate the guacamole. But I think her silvery dress at the end, when all the girls go out and drink cosmos, nearly made up for it.
5.) Jennifer Hudson/Louise looked FABULOUS in the holiday party scene. I hope she took notes from the costumer on this, because she looked pretty darn amazing throughout.

And lastly, (spoiler alert!) I'm way too much of a grudge-holder to forgive a dude who has literally deserted me at the altar - "Oh, you don't think you can do this? You should have thought about that a FEW WEEKS AGO. Not on the morning of our WEDDING, five minutes before we are supposed to be MARRIED."

And then, after he comes crawling back - "Oh, you will love me forever? Perhaps you should have considered that before you LEFT ME AT THE ALTAR. That might have been PRODUCTIVE."

Any soft feelings I had for a man would probably not be able to survive such a betrayal. And, even if they did, my poor intended would never hear the end of it. So it would probably lead to us breaking up eventually anyway.


Sandi said...

I too don't understand why she just ... took him back like that, with no explanation or anything. She just rushed into his arms like a soft-headed fool. And Carrie is not a soft-headed fool.
That ruined the movie for me.

Style Expert said...

Okay, now why wasn't I invited for the mocktails! Glad you finally saw the movie!