Sunday, March 29, 2009

Best Dishes . . .

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Jackson Coliseum, shopping, working the booth, and watching Paula Deen's road show. I had a pretty fun time, though I was hoping the show would be more about cooking and less about folks in the audience.

Showed up around 2:45 p.m., loaded in a couple of things, then spent a good two hours chatting it up with all the folks there. Some people do not like working booths at crowded events. I LOVE it. With my motormouth tendencies and love for people, I'm practically made for it. I actually have a good time doing it. Soooo, we sold a bunch of T-shirts and signed up a ton more new friends to the site, and I did a little quick shopping. (They had the CUTEST little dresses up there for $20! I picked up a couple, as well as some gorgeous handmade wooden cooking utensils.)

Then we got to watch Paula Deen! Here was the deal with her live show - cooking was definitely a very minor (non-existent?) part of the presentation. Basically, Jackson's Chef Louis Bruno and Paula's husband Michael cooked in the background while Paula told funny stories and interacted with the crowd. I thought her stories were freakin' hilarious. She is a CARD.

But then she started answering alot of shout-outs from the audience, which got old fast. THEN, she did Q&A with the crowd. That part might have been interesting if anybody had had a decent question to ask. But mostly they just got in front of the microphone and talked about themselves - who they were here with, where they were from, how much they loved Paula Deen, etc. I don't understand why people turn into blithering idiots when they're propped in front of a microphone. Geez, at least TRY to make it entertaining for the rest of us.

After the show, Stace and I helped take down the booth, then we went in search of some good dinner. First, we tried Walker's, which was PACKED. Then, we tried Sal and Mookie's. Ditto. We ended up at Julep, which appeared to be full of some very old prom-goers. After asking around, we found out they were folks headed to the Barrister's Ball (aka Lawyer Prom).

Stace and I had some very good food (if you've never had the fried chicken at Julep, DO go and try it. Yummmmmm), and some even better conversation. I had missed her lately (we've both been sick and super-busy), and there are not a whole lotta people in my life that can make me laugh like she can. I don't know why, but we just seem to "get" each other. Plus, she's fun to be around AND she's a nice person. (And she totally laughed at my unintentional joke about Lawyer balls. 'Cause that's how we ROLL.) So, there you go. A little bit of Stace love for you, readers.

Tonight, it's dinner with the parents, who haven't seen us in a while, and finishing up our tax filing. (Which would suck, except we're getting a nice refund! Score!)


Sandi said...

Hate that I missed it. Wish I could pay you to help me recruit teachers!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

I don't think you are going to need much help at it in THIS economy!