Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Totally pumped!

Last night, we packed up booger and headed to Pump It Up for my sweet nephew's sixth birthday party. (First of all, I can hardly believe the kid is six. SIX! Where has the time gone? He used to be such a little feller, and now he's all grown up! The worst thing is, I can already see it happening with Clay. Groan.)

I had never been to Pump It Up before, though I'd heard tales of what it was like - childhood on crack, basically. It's an indoor warehouse of inflatable games - obstacle courses, slides, moonwalks, etc. Clay was a little afraid of everything at first. There were sooo many other kids, so much to see and absorb. I think he was a bit overwhelmed. Before long, though, he was racing all over the place, bouncing balls, pointing at everything, and watching all the other kids intently. He eventually even slid down the ginormous slide with me a few times! (It was some trick carrying a 40-pound, squirming toddler up the inflated ladder, let me tell you!)

But, honestly, I think I had more fun than he did. The obstacle courses were big fun, even moreso because there were tons of six-year-olds in them. The adults took turns racing each other through there, tossing kids left and right and trying to hold on to the fastest run time. The inflatable slide was such a hoot! It reminded me a little bit of the big yellow slide at the fair, though it wasn't nearly as long and you didn't build up nearly the amount of speed.

One of Laura's friends, Jimmy, was in the inflatable basketball court with a bunch of kids, only instead of playing basketball, they were kinda playing dodgeball. Only it was every kid against Jimmy, and Jimmy against every kid. Hilarious! He was sweating like crazy (which is something, because Jimmy is in great shape), but he looked like he was having the time of his life!

At any rate, I've decided to have my next birthday party at Pump It Up. Here's the plan: We'll all go out for a martini or two, then we'll head over there. Can you imagine how trippy it would be? I think we'd have an AMAZING time. Who says it's just for kids? I was completely energized after I went, and what a workout!


A. Boyd C. said...

They are so gonna throw you guys out of there.

Were you with us the night we decided to try basically the same thing at Chuck E Cheese? Those guys have NO sense of humor.

HEATHER said...

Nix that martini's if you are going to be running around, because that sounds like a barf-o-rama waiting to happen, to me. LOL!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Ok, ok, maybe not LOTS of martinis. Maybe just one. Or two.