Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pitiful sick

Well, we dodged it all week, and it finally hit us today. The entire Bradshaw family is a sniffling, coughing, wheezing mess. When I get sick, my first stage is denial. I refuse to take meds. I keep going to work and doing all my household chores. I think I can shake it off. I think I can "gut it."

But once I accept that I really am sick, I am the most pitiful sick person that you will ever meet. I whine and moan and toss and turn. I let out small, pitiful noises during the night so that Brian will be sure to know I feel like crap and feel sorry for poor, pitiful little me. I'm surprised that he doesn't smother me with the pillow.

However, I do feel better now than I did this morning, so I am hopeful.

I was planning on getting my tattoo today. But then I had a horrible, horrible week. And then I got sick. And I began to get the feeling that not only should I avoid being poked with sharp needles today (I much preferred lying on the couch wrapped up in a fluffy blanket, sipping hot tea), but that I should probably not even leave my house. When the universe speaks to you, you should listen.

So today, I listened to the universe and stayed home. Out of the cold. Out of the rain. Away from needles and some potential, horrible, flesh-eating infection. (Which I am SURE I would have contracted, had I had my tattoo done today. That's just the kind of week I've had.)

I am positive that I'm the better for it.


A. Boyd C. said...

If the bad weather holds up you might get out of this tattoo business all together.

Sandi said...

Sorry you feel bad. Hubby says get well before pool league tomorrow.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Boyd - Dude, I love you. We HAVE to have lunch soon. Like, SOON. Maybe I could rustle up Christine and we could all go out together?

Sandi - tell Mark I'm rallying, but I make no promises. Somehow, I doubt that a few hours in a smoky pool hall will do much to improve my condition. Blech.

Jenny said...

I'm totally with Boyd here... got one myself at 22 and have regretted it every day since. I mean... my babies ask what that is on my back. It's... just... something a 22-year-old would do.

I vote no tats. Use the money for a fancy-schmancy piece of jewelry or something.

Supermom said...

UGH! I woke up sick Saturday. I had a crawfish boil I was hosting that night so I worked through it but Sunday I was on death's bed. UGH! Guess it's going around. I'm off of work today. Hope to get back to work tomorrow.

(and spread the love, lol)

Supermom said...

And I wanted to also say I am the WORSE sick person. :(

what tatto are you getting?