Sunday, March 22, 2009


Saturday was a very busy, but very fun day! After I stopped by the salon (the ol' mop was getting pretty shaggy), I headed out to Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade. I was marching this year with folks from my company, and I'd gone out to Party City the night before and bought tons of hats, leis, buttons, face paint, etc., so that we'd all look festive. (And we did, if I do say so myself. I painted TONS of shamrocks on folks' faces, and several people showed up all accessorized. FUN!) We had a good time marching, even if *some* of the folks in our group did throw all of their beads in the first three blocks and then had to be beggin' them off OTHERS for the rest of the parade!

We probably should have all brought more beads. It's so much fun to give them that you're tempted to toss one to each person. My tactic was to look for a small child who had NO beads, then walk over to them and put the beads around their neck. The littler kids can't scuffle with everyone for beads, and they can sometimes take a thrown strand in the face. Ouch. Anyhoo, that was how I gave most of my beads, and parents seemed to really appreciate it.

After the parade, I had to SKIP the street party so that I could run over to New Stage. They'd shifted our rehearsal schedule around a bit because the playwright of the new play we presented on Saturday night - Solving Sunflowers - had flown in from California to meet us! Woo to the hoo! So, we got to chat, and she got to see us run some scenes, and we finished prepping for the reading that evening.

I find it interesting (and unnerving) to perform work when the person who wrote it is in the audience. When I was in college, we presented Crimes of the Heart. Beth Henley came to the performance, and I thought I'd lose it. There are just so many things running through your mind. First of all, you're REALLY hoping you don't mangle any lines. Secondly, you're hoping that you've been able to capture some of that person's original vision for this character. Theatre is so collaborative. Each person makes a contribution, and then everyone else picks up the balls and runs with them. You just really hope that the playwright likes the direction you're running with HER ball. Eeek.

Anyway, after a quick dinner at La Cazuela (which was packed to the gills with every drunk person from the parade - fratastic), we went back to the theatre and freshened up for the reading. I was actually surprised with how many folks showed up. We had a nice little crowd there, especially considering that they didn't really do any press on the event. The audience laughed a ton and seemed to enjoy the play, then we had a brief talk-back/Q&A with the audience, cast, playwright, etc. Fun!

I was planning on going out for drinks with some friends afterwards, but little man was sick at home, so I picked up some spare Tylenol and headed back to help hold down the fort. Poor little guy. So far, he seems to be doing better today.

Looking forward to a lazy day today!


Theotoks said...

It was a fantastic performance by Nicole! She was great in a role that demands range -- from tender to tough.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Wow. Thanks so much! It was wonderful to meet you, and I loved the play!