Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pool shark

One last, quick post -

I went to pool night on Monday, and I actually WON MY MATCH. No, seriously. And NOT just because the person I was playing against (who was clearly better than me, by the way) screwed up. I won because I actually hit the nine ball in. On my very own. (Well, maybe with a time out or two from coach. But other than THAT, on my very own.) Without missing the darn thing, and without scratching.

I came home and did the winner's strut in front of hubs a couple of times, and he was so proud!

Back when we were dating, hubs and I used to go bowling with a few other couples. Hubs is a pretty good bowler, and every time he'd take his turn, I'd be back there shouting, "Good job, baby!" when he'd make a strike. He finally came back there to me and was like, "Quit it with the baby, okay?! GEEZ!"

I'm not nearly as good a pool player as he is a bowler. But I imagine that soon, in retribution, he has to come out with me to pool night. And whenever I make a shot, he will probably be embarassing the crap out of me by being my uber-supportive rah-rah squad.



Sandi said...

You rock, Nicole.

Brogan said...

As your unofficial pool coach I'm certainly proud of you. Pretty soon we'll have you singing lyrics to classic pool hall music and talking the lingo. You'll catch yourself using phrases like, "Jam up", "snapping off" and "skull drug"

Nicole Bradshaw said...

There may be hope for "talking the lingo," but I'm not so sure about singing the lyrics to pool hall songs. Not much Indigo Girls music playing in the pool hall, is there?