Thursday, March 05, 2009

Retail therapy for a rough day.

Today was a rough day at work. I arrived at the office around 7:30 a.m. to some fresh hell on my email account. Due to events completely beyond our control, we had to move two big employee meetings (250-300 people each) that are taking place on March 12 (yes, that's ONE week from today) to another location. Aaack. Once we found a space that (we reallyreally hope) will accommodate our group, we had to figure out parking and shuttling issues. I think I FINALLY got most of it solved before the end of the day, but it was some kinda effort to get it there.

I had to swing by the convention center anyway during the day, so I stopped there and got lunch at The Spring Market! I ate a wonderfully unhealthy hot dog and wandered among the booths for a while with a good friend. It made me feel a ton better just to get out of the office for a minute and give my brain a rest.

The market runs now through the weekend, and there are tons of great items on offer. My favorite booth was probably The French Shoppe. It's all the way at the back of the market, on the right. I found a PRECIOUS yellow jacket there for $45, and if they'd had the ruffled pink raincoat that I lusted after in a small or even a medium, I would have come home with that, too. As it was, I had to settle for a multi-hued scarf that matched my jacket. I also got a cute little black T-shirt and a beautiful Murano glass necklace from two other booths.

The market is really a great event. There's plenty of room between booths (and they allow strollers! YAY!), and the prices were RIGHT. General admission is $8, but if you visit their Web site (which I've linked to above), you can print off a coupon for $1 off the entry fee.

Don't miss it!

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Miss Lippy said...

It sounds like an awesome event. What I really like is that it's called the Spring Market. This gives me hope that at some point spring will in fact arrive...