Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hubs took me out for a wonderful dinner for my birthday last night. He arranged for the sitter, asked me where I wanted to go, and off we went! To NICK'S. I love Nick's. My family has a long history with this restaurant. During my growing-up years, my parents would go there for special occasions or on double dates. When we got older, we got to come along and celebrate special occasions with the family. And when I first started working, my very first boss took me there for lunch to welcome me to the office. So it's always had a cozy little corner in my heart.

Anyway, we got dressed in our best and headed out. We decided to try some of the specials last night, including a DIVINE poblano pepper appetizer. The large pepper was stuffed with diced shrimp, cheese, and all kinds of wonderful things, then roasted and covered and a yummyyummy white cheese sauce. Oh. My. Goodness. I showed restraint and only had a few bites, though, because I had ordered another special for my entree - the paella. It was sooo good, and it was just the right amount of food! I finished ALL of it and still had a tiny bit of room to split the white chocolate bread pudding with hubs for dessert. (Amazing, I know.)

We were able to eat the most leisurely dinner. We talked. We laughed. We drank wine. We lingered over our coffee. As we were chatting, we realized how much of our day-to-day conversation lately is just business. As in, "There is a clean load of laundry in the hamper and another one in the dryer," or "We need more eggs, whole wheat bread, and kiwi. Could you pick those up sometime today?" So much of what we've been talking about for the past two weeks has been designed to keep the house (and our lives) running smoothly as I return to work. I hadn't really noticed it until last night. I'm going to do a better job in the future of actually conversing and listening. Because it definitely made me feel like a "young married" last night!

Today has been nice and lazy - playing with the bit, lying around, eating chicken soup (we're still all a little stuffy), and reading. If this is what 32 will be like, count me IN!


A. Boyd C. said...

Everybody seems to be offering paella these days. It's kind of a pain to make, so if you can find it good in a restaurant, it's worth it.

You may not remember 400 East Capitol, Nicks other restaurant. It was only open a few years, but it was a lot of fun.

Somebody re-opened it a few years ago as a Chinese restaurant, but that didn't last very long either.

arr-jay said...

This sounds lovely! Congrats on a wonderful evening out with your husband, complete with yummy food, quality time, and reminders about how to approach and live life.

And happy birthday. :-) As an experienced 32-year-old for almost 3 months, I can say that 32, for me, has been all about savoring life, appreciating those I love, and trusting the decisions I make.


Sandi said...

Aw .. what a nice evening. Happy birthday, Nicole!

Supermom said...

sounds wonderful!

Happy birthday!

From the Doghouse said...

Happy Birthday!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Thanks, guys! I don't FEEL any older . . . .