Monday, January 19, 2009

Lucky duck.

Booger's daycare was closed today (MLK day and all), but Brian and I both had to work (because 1. neither of our places of business were closed and 2. neither of us has earned any vacation time yet). Enter gamma and pawpaw! They came over, and brought my sweet nephew, too. They had HUGE fun playing all day, booger got to spend the day at home getting oodles of attention, and when I came home, he was happy as a lark.

PLUS, my parents brought me a hefty gift certificate for hubs and I to go out to eat at Atlantica in Madison! Score! It was a belated birthday present. I am trying to schedule some other deferred birthday celebrating for this weekend, but I am hosting the mother of all baby showers on Saturday, so my own partying may or may not happen until later. (But, geez, time slips away, doesn't it? The weekend after that is Super Bowl weekend, and then some friends and I are still *hoping* to slip away to New Orleans for a weekend after that. I've already booked most of my weekends until about Feb. 21. Eeek. I suppose we'll see, won't we?)

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