Monday, January 05, 2009


Even though I knew that hubs and I had prepared for it in every way possible, I had really fretted over my first day back at work. I worried that I'd be too concerned about the baby to get anything done. I worried that I'd get to the office and change my mind, decide I couldn't do it, realize that I'd lost my touch, or just not enjoy it anymore.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. I had an AWESOME first day back!! First of all, I got so many sweet phone calls and emails from folks, letting me know they were thinking of me and wishing me luck. Then, I got TONS of phone calls and emails from my colleagues, welcoming me back.

Plus, because I already knew the job, I got ACTUAL WORK done today! I knew who my key internal clients were, and I set up meetings with them to discuss their priorities for 2009. I laid out a good portion of this week's employee newsletter. I accompanied our CEO to a taping for an internal broadcast and helped direct it. (I had written the copy as a freelance project before my official start date.) I started putting plans in motion for an all-employee meeting in Jackson by our group operations president.

I have never, NEVER had such a productive first day. It totally rocked. I am completely energized and enthused and positive that hubs and I made the right decision. (And tomorrow will be even better! I get to go to a big employee meeting and see a BUNCH of my buddies again! Plus, free breakfast and lunch! Woo hoo! What's not to love?)

And booger? Didn't even cry when hubs dropped him off at daycare today. He waved and said, "Bye bye!" and that was it. I picked him up at 4:30 p.m., and he was a happy little camper. Came home, fed him while I cooked our shepherd's pie. (We got that from Entree Vous in Flowood. YUM! Just bake and serve!) When hubs got home, he played with the bit for a little while, then the two of us ate, bathed the little sweetie, and sung him to sleep.

I am so happy and relieved. I know that every day won't be so great. There will be tough days at the office, and those will probably be the days that booger decides to be a little monster once we get home. But today, today was golden. And I am thrilled and thankful.


Susan said...

That's awesome! I'm so glad you adjusted so easily. And hopefully the little guy will cooperate long enough for you to get settled in before he starts getting cranky.

Kayra said...

So glad to hear you had an awesome day, and the little guy did too!

Supermom said...

That is so wonderful!

Suburban Housewife...Not so much said...

So glad your first day back went well! Congrats again on a great job!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Thanks so much, guys! YAY!!

A. Boyd C. said...

What's the saying? "Well begun is half done"?

You may have had the best day of anyone in town!

arr-jay said...

I think there's a REASON your first day was totally golden. :-) Congrats, Nicole!!!