Thursday, January 29, 2009

The illness carousel

This has been a challenging week. We have had to deal with sick baby. On Monday morning, booger had a fever, a runny nose, and a cough. Hubs and I handled this one pretty smoothly. I had a busy morning at work, but a free afternoon. His day was the opposite. So, no brainer, he stayed home with the baby in the a.m., and I came home at lunch for nurse duty.

On Tuesday, booger seemed better. Fever was down. We took him to daycare. They called me at 3 p.m. to come get him. The fever had returned. Off I ran to pick him up. Wednesday, he still had a bit of fever in the a.m. Hubs (bless his heart) stayed home with him. (Wednesday is my publication deadline day. Eeek.)

Today, praise the Lord, no fever. Off to daycare he went, and he stayed there all day. Though he was a bit fussy, he stayed fever-free and napped well. Here's hoping tomorrow's even better. By then, at least, we can coast into the weekend.

I think I've done pretty well with the work/baby/life balance thing so far, but adding illness to the mix definitely threw me for a loop this week. Anybody got any advice for juggling this? Lots of hand washing and vitamin C?

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