Saturday, January 03, 2009

Shirt vent

Ok, so I am going back to work on Monday. As I was winnowing my professional wardrobe, I noticed that my white, button-up shirt (the classic one) was looking pretty darn dingy. I took it to the cleaners to have it bleached/whitened, and the lady at the desk gave it a wary glance.

"It's not exactly white," she said.

And, dude, looking at it under the bright lights of the dry cleaners, it totally wasn't. It was more ecru, with darker-looking areas around the cuffs. Ouch.

I told her to see what she could do with it, but I wasn't hopeful. (Which makes me really sad, because that shirt has seen me through some good times. And it's NON-IRON. Do you know how much I hate ironing?)

So, off I went in search of a new white button-up. That was when my troubles began. See, I just wanted a PLAIN white shirt, fitted for a lady, but just PLAIN. Every white button-up I found had ruffles or weird details down the front. Or a sash under the bust line or some crazy collarless thing going on. I must have gone to three or four stores, looking for a standard white button-up, the kind they have for men in every Wal-Mart or Belk's or any store you walk into.

When I FINALLY found one (the very last one at Ann Taylor Loft, all the others had funky details), it was $40. (And it's not even non-iron!) A comparable shirt for a man? $25 or so.

Why, why, WHY do retailers do this to us? Who doesn't stock a plain white button-up? (Apparently, everybody.) Dressing is soooo much more difficult for a woman than it is for a man.



HEATHER said...

And the dry-cleaner will charge you more to clean it too!
Honestly, I think I would have to go buy a man's shirt. I don't think anyone would notice if you didn't tell them.

Sandi said...

I was about to recommend Ann Taylor Loft when I read that portion of your post. They always have classic offerings (and not just in white or black), but sadly, most of it requires ironing.
(The good news is, you can find some great pieces that are machine washable)

arr-jay said...

That stinks. I was going to recommend Victoria's Secret online before I read that you found one at ATL. The great news about ATL finds, though they can be pricey, is that they are higher quality and will see you through more good times.

I know I sound like my grandmother when I harp on quality, but it's true. What can I say. ;-)

Dids said...

True. I buy men's shirts for that reason until women's become cheaper, more durable and lessy ugly.