Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Work rocks my socks!

Oh, my friends. Today, I finished and sent out the weekly employee newsletter. Nothing too fancy, just four pages laid out in Adobe InDesign with graphics. But, dude, I wrote a fair piece of it in two days. And posted it to the company Intranet. And sent out an html update email to 700 of my peeps, linking to the stories and pics. Ooooh, and my Tuesday was great! A big meeting with tons of familiar faces, catching up with folks, showing off my baby pics. I got some great story ideas and took a photo or two. I promise that I will quit posting about work soon, but right now I am so jazzed about getting stuff done that I can't help it! On tap for tomorrow - updating some pages of the Intranet, writing some CEO-to-employee letters for publishing in various forms, and brainstorming ideas for a network safety promotion. God, I love this job.

In other news, I think I've decided to get a tattoo for my 32nd birthday. I have a couple of different designs that I want to run by some folks, and I've about decided to have it done on the back of my right hip. I'm looking at having Erica Flannes at The Ink Spot do it (she has some GREAT designs posted; she looks like she really knows what she is doing), but Stace (who's going with me to hold my hand) advises that I talk with her first to make sure I'm comfortable with her.

I will still probably do a birthday celebration of some kind that DOESN'T involve me getting poked with sharp needles, but I haven't gotten off my duff to plan it yet. Stay tuned!

Still plugging away at reading plays for New Stage's Welty Play Series. I've come across some really good ones and more than a couple of stinkers. If I get to page 20 or so and still feel underwhelmed, I usually give it a thumbs down. I wish I had time right now to audition/perform; there are some fun shows coming up in Jackson. However, I'm not so much of a fool that I think I can juggle a day job, a toddler, AND a night-time job. Even OCD people like myself have their limits, kwim?

Well, off to examine benefits info and fill out new hire paperwork. Definitely NOT the fun part of going back to work. Woo. And may I also say, hoo.


Supermom said...

That's awesome you are so happy!

annalise said...

Did you end up getting a tattoo???