Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Orleans bound!

Looks like I will be spending next weekend in New Orleans with the gals! I haven't spent too many weekends away from booger since he was born (which suits me fine), but I have slipped off for some "me time" in Birmingham, Memphis, and a couple of other cool places. Now, I'm adding the Big Easy to my momcation list.

We're heading down Friday night, staying in a NON-HAUNTED hotel (Some members of our traveling party are a tad, shall we say, superstitious?), and hopefully having brunch at the Court of Two Sisters. Other than that, it's up in the air. (Though I would love a walk through one of the cemeteries. Haven't ever done that . . . )

It will be goooood to get away!


A. Boyd C. said...

Ghosts aren't the worst thing that can happen to you in New Orleans. They might not even be on the top ten.

Style Expert said...

I hate I can't go! Have enough fun for me!