Friday, January 23, 2009

The mother of all baby showers

I HAVE to tell you about this baby shower. Rebecca, a childhood friend of mine, is having her first child. She was my back door neighbor growing up. There were two little girls in her family, and two little girls (at the time) in mine, so we all played together throughout childhood and remained friends as we grew older.

Anyhoo, Rebecca decided that, rather than have a bunch of small showers, she'd prefer to have just one big one. So, myself and several of her other friends got together and planned what I think will be a pretty wonderful event for tomorrow morning. (Rebecca picked the date that was best for her, and we were off and running.) We rented space in Clinton, printed and sent 75 really pretty invitations, arranged for flowers, and divided the food/beverage responsibilities. Everything is set for tomorrow, and we are expecting upwards of 70 people.

There's only one *tiny* snafu.

Rebecca went into labor five weeks early and had the baby today.


Oh, well! The best laid plans . . . ! We took pics of the new little bundle and the happy mom, and we'll pass them around tomorrow. Then, we'll take pics tomorrow at the shower so Rebecca can feel like she was there.

In the meantime, congrats, little mama!


HEATHER said...

Oh goodness! Maybe you could set up a webcam for her at the shower, so she could see everyone. All it takes is two laptops and WIFI.
Is the baby healthy being so early?

Stacey said...