Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eating too much food.

Lately, I have been eating too much food. First, hubs took me out for my birthday. Then, I went out to dinner last night. Then, hubs and I decided we'd go out to lunch together today. (We have quickly realized that, now that I'm working, grabbing an hour at mid-day for lunch together is WONDERFUL. We actually get to spend some time alone together and enjoy one another's company. We're going to try and do this once a week.)

All this wouldn't be so bad, except that the company I work for likes to feed people. Alot. And these aren't exactly "light" meals. At morning meetings, there are sausage biscuits. Then there are the lunch meetings, with huge sandwiches. At one luncheon, we had a full course meal plus banana pudding for dessert. I have had to learn to decline alot while everyone else is downing whatever's on offer.

Not only that, but folks in my office bake, then bring the fruits of their labors up to the break room on my floor of the building! What?! There are always cookies and all kinds of treats in there. Today, there were chocolate cupcakes sitting in a plastic container on the counter.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself, though. I decided that I would acknowledge the existence of the cupcakes. I looked at the cupcakes. I smelled the cupcakes. I even SMILED at the cupcakes. But I did not EAT the cupcakes. Not even ONE of them. Yay, me!

Now, whether this feat was a demonstration of my superior will power or the already-filling quiche and side salad I had for lunch, I can't say. ;)


arr-jay said...

I think the Cupcake Treatment was a huge step. I am trying to get to that point, where I can acknowledge said goody and move on. Yay for you!

A. Boyd C. said...

Baked goods really appreciate it when people take the time to smile at them.

Send the cupcakes you don't eat to Jim Hood. He might be hungry cause I think somebody peed in his cherios.

Sandi said...

Wonder how many WW points a cupcake is worth?

Supermom said...

back away from the cupcakes....